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Your Book, Your Way, No Job to Small, Professionally Written and Marketed at an Affordable Price

Dr. Myles Bader has written and sold over 8 MILLION of his self published books in PRINT for an average price of $19.47. His partner J.Michael Palka handled all the marketing. He booked Dr. Bader on over 6,000 radio talk shows and 120 TV shows including Oprah, Fox and Friends, Discovery Channel and all major networks. QVC installed Dr. Bader into their Hall of Fame as the the Number 2 all time book seller. This team can take your book idea and make it a winner.

So who would you trust your book idea to? Someone who charges $50 plus a page and has never written a book themselves. Or a professional team who has written and sold millions of their self published books in Print.


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Professional Services

Professional Ghostwriting

Dr. Myles H. Bader is a FIVE time Self Published, Best Selling Author who with his marketing partner has sold 8 MILLION books in PRINT for an average price of $19.47. He has appeared on over 6,000 Radio Talk Shows and 120 TV shows (all major networks). He enjoys writing. Today he does ghostwriting for new and seasoned authors.

So who would you want to do your ghostwriting and marketing?
Someone who has never sold a book of their own. Or a Proven Team
of Professionals who have Done It Big time!

Professional ghostwriting

Have you have dreamed of being a published author but did not know where to start? This is your chance to make that dream a reality. Take a few minutes to talk with Dr. Bader at no cost to learn how you can become a published author.

professional book cover design

Your cover is professionally designed to attrack readers to your book. Your cover is the most important element of your book. 

book marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy based on your target audience is the foundation for your success as a published author.

Expert Book Marketing

J.Michael Palka’s first love has been marketing. For 50 years he has started and built million dollar businesses. With his publishing partner Dr. Myles Bader, together they sold 180 Million Dollars of their self published books. Today J.Michael creates professional book covers, builds websites and does marketing for Dr. Bader’s ghostwriting clients.

So who would you want to do your ghostwriting and marketing?
Someone who has never sold a book of their own. Or a Proven Team
of Professionals who have Done It Big time!

kindle conversion

Should you decide you want to be on Amazon Kindle with your book we can help. It is a complex process that requires a skilled professional.

website designed & built

Your website is your brand. In fact it is where you can actually make sales and keep all the profits. You van sell digital or print copies from your professionally designed website.

consulting & coaching

Should you decide you want to do it all yourself but need a little help we are there to coach you along and make sure it is done right.

Our Professional Process


You receive professional consulting to help you decide your ultimate goal with your new book.


As your book is written you work with Dr. Bader to make sure it tells the story you want your readers to experience.


Once your title is established then a professional cover is designed that motivates a reader to want to purchase your master piece.


When completed and ready for the public a marketing plan is developed to take your book to your target market.

Book Ghostwriting & Marketing

Make Your Dream of Being an Author come True

Just like Stuart Cannold you can be an author. Let the team of Dr. Myles Bader and J.Michael Palka make your dream come true. Becoming an author has never been easier. Contact Dr. Bader for a FREE conultation.

We Build Relationships with our Authors

Some of our authors are working on additional books because of the relationship that was built with our authors. Join our satisfied authors and make your dream of becoming an author come true.

Ghostwriting and Marketing


Becoming an Author is Easier than YOU Think


With over 8 Million books of their own sold in print and dozens of happy authors the team of Dr. Myles Bader and J.Michael Palka can make your dream a REALITY.

Ready to Make Your Book Come to Life?

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About Me

Hello! I’m Dr. Myles Bader.
Best Selling Author & Ghostwriter.

I am the ghostwriting part of the team. Your book is professionally written, formatted and edited. Photos can be added. From concept to finished book ready for marketing.

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Consulting

About Me

Hello! I’m J.Michael Palka the Marketing Wizard.

I am the marketing part of the team. Together we creat professional books for new and seasoned authors. From cover design to website to traffic.

  • Professional Cover Design
  • Web Design
  • Marketing

Years of Experience

Million Books Sold

Radio Guest Appearances


  • 30+ years in self publishing
  • 15 self published books
  • Best Selling author
  • 30 years top publicist
  • Marketing strategy development

Why Us?

  • Professionals
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Coaching & Consulting


  • QVC Hall of Fame
  • Oprah
  • Readers Digest
  • 6,ooo Radio Guest appearances
  • 120 TV show appearances
  • Number 2 Infomercial
  • 5 time Best Selling Author
  • Loved by clients

“The best in the business when it comes to all areas of editing non-fiction/fiction work is Dr. Myles H. Bader. I wrote a novel. Not only did Myles edit Blueline of Life and Death but he put me in touch with his “partner” to get the cover design and marketing. In a world full of “what can you do for me,” Myles will only do you right. This man is top-notch!”

Stuart Cannold

“I just finished working with Dr. Myles Bader, at All Author Services, who did a professional edit of my book for publication.  He not only did a terrific job on the edit, but he was kind enough to make himself available to me promptly to answer any questions that I had.  I’m very grateful to have worked with Dr. Bader and his edits on my manuscript made the project better beyond my expectations.  I highly recommend the services of Dr. Bader if a person is looking for help editing or ghostwriting their manuscript.”

Lawrence McCann

“After working with Dr. Bader and J.Michael I can HIGHLY recommend them for any book project you have. There work is professional. They were response to my needs and quick to respond. If you are serious about your book this is the team you want.”

Mark Harris

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